The Abbeyfield Tunbridge Wells Society

The Society

Abbeyfield Tunbridge Wells has one house with a total of sixteen en-suite flatlets, and it is an independently run charity, affiliated to the National Abbeyfield movement.

We provide very sheltered housing to the elderly, frail and lonely. We support an Equal Opportunity policy in both staff recruitment and resident selection.

Potential residents need to be mobile enough to move about the house and attend meals in the dining room, and need to be able to look after their personal care or, perhaps, employ the services of a carer if they wish.

Abbeyfield provide a live-in Housekeeper/manager who provides the ingredients for residents to make their own breakfast in their rooms and prepares a cooked lunch and supper, which is served in the dining room each day. Morning tea/coffee is served to residents in our conservatory.

We do not provide care but, support our residents to enable them to continue to live independently. We provide a fully-run house with all the utilities, maintenance, insurance worries removed from the resident who pays an all-inclusive monthly fee. Our charges are kept low because we are a charity and do not seek to make a profit.

Houses are equipped with aids to help those less able and mobile and able. We have lifts and assisted bathing facilities together with ramps for wheelchair access and handrails.

We assist residents with their cultural and spiritual needs.